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Best Gift Guide: Bicycles and Electric Bikes

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Best Gift Guide: Number One On The List is a Bicycle or Electric Bike

Everybody wants to give the perfect gift for the holidays and for Christmas that makes other people happy. But in our today's world that seems to be the most difficult thing to do. Everybody seems to have everything already, the tech gadgets, the video games, the clothing and of course the socks and underwear (a Christmas gift staple!). 

So what do you give to your child, to your wife, your husband, your best friend and what to give to your mom and dad? They either seem to have everything or you can't think of anything that they might enjoy (and you didn't give them last year). So what do you do to get some ideas? You google and read blogs (like this one), you ask your friends and the person behind the counter in the electronic store...but really nothing has captured your mind like the time when you were little and found your first bike under the tree. Till today you can replica the feeling in your mind that you had when you saw the bicycle in the middle of the living room there you remember it as if it was yesterday. What a great feeling it was to take it out the next day for a ride. Riding this bike became everything you wanted to do all day long. You ran out of the house after schoolwork was done to ride it around the block. And what you learned was this:


So what holds you back to give your loved one a bike or electric bicycle for Christmas? Maybe you are afraid you don't know the color they like, or the kind of bike they would enjoy. So you look online and all you see are bikes THAT COME IN BOXES UNASSEMBLED TO YOUR DOOR. And then what? You need to get it to the local bike shop or electric bicycle store and make sure they can assemble it for you, which I'm sure they will be happy to do but it comes at a price. So why don't you go to your local shop and talk to them, because the secret is that bike shop owners and employees love to talk. ABOUT BIKES. ALL DAY LONG! So you decide to go in there and what you see surprises you. You find not only the kids bike you always wanted for your niece in the perfect color she adores, you also see the cool commuter bike for your boyfriend he always talked about (in black of course!) and the electric bicycle for your mom and for your dad, so they don't have to feel tired and out of breath when they ride their e-bikes but still be outdoors in the fresh air. How would that be for a New years resolution? Yes you got it: the perfect New year resolution is just in front of you:


Not only does this make you more healthy and much slimmer than you were before the holidays - it also creates a friendship and camaraderie among your fellow riders that you were always craving for and never had in your life..

So now the only thing is how can you afford to buy all the bikes and still go happy into the sunset? Bicycle Financing is the golden word! And the best of it: Your local Bike Attack in Playa Vista and Bike Attack Electric in Santa Monica offer zero percent financing for bicycles and electric bikes for 12 months that costs you NOTHING: Nada! So you buy a bike for $400, you take it home with you same day but you only have to pay $34 dollars for 12 months. And paying it does not start now but it gives you 1- 2 more months before the paperwork arrives at your house, which gives you additional time to start paying it down. DONE! In other words, what you learned today is this:


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