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Bike Attack & Electric | Bike Shop | Electric Bikes Santa Monica

Bike Attack® is an award winning bike shop, electric bicycle center and popular meeting point for cyclists since 1994.

Bike Attack® was founded in Berlin, Germany as part of the "Outdoor Rec" facility for the US Army. Downhill racer Ericson Monsalud, a cycling enthusiast since he was a child, developed Bike Attack into a cycling heaven for all kind of people: the urban bike messenger, the US Army soldier and the young and restless of Berlin's early 90's. Bike Attack became THE place to hang out. 

In 1999 Ericson moved his shop and knowledge to Venice, California and later on to Main Street, Santa Monica. His bicycle stores are more than just regular bike shops. A meeting point for all kind of bike enthusiasts, a hang out for the urban bike community and a place to meet, ride together and learn about the newest bikes and electric bicycles. Ericson is a well known and popular figure in the cycling community. Living, working and riding hard is the center of his lifestyle.

Bike Attack® was able to gather an interesting and diverse crowd of cycling enthusiasts that became the "Bike Attack Team". Loyal and professional bike mechanics meet downhill racers, BMX stunt men, daily commuters, road bike racers, fixie riders and fans of all kind of cycling gears. Ask anybody at Bike Attack what they ride and they rattle down a list of multiple bikes they own. 

It was clear from the beginning that electric bikes are going to become the next big thing. Living long time in Berlin Germany, watching the trend of electric bicycles taking off: it was just a matter of time when America would be ready.

Now is the time.

Bike Attack tested and sourced the premier electric and regular bicycle brands in the world to come up with the concept of The bike shop, that only sells what it stands behind!


Bike Attack Electric - just a block away from the bike path - is offering electric bicycles made all over the world: Easy Motion (Spain), Corratec (Germany), Surface604 (Canada), Blix (Sweden), Magnum (US), M1 (Germany), Fantic (Italy), Blix (Sweden) electric cruisers from E-lux (US), Wallerang and many more.


Bike Attack & Electric is a BOSCH certified Service Center and has several certified electric bicycle mechanics on duty, who are required to attend advanced training classes on a regular basis.


Bike Attack & Electric offers: Electric bicycle sales, regular bike sales, service, rentals and always free test rides!


Bike Attack® has a location on Main Street in Santa Monica and a new Flagship store at Silicon Beach in Playa Vista, CA in the Runway Playa Vista shopping mall (across from Whole Foods).


Bike Attack & Electric+ sells, repairs and rents electric bikes and regular bicycles like folding bikes and more. (Across the street from Coffee Bean)


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