Best Time of Your Life: Riding Your Electric Bike In The City

Posted by Bike Attack on 15th Jan 2018

Riding your electric bike around the city is going to be the best time of your life. Come and see Bike Attack Electric for a free test ride (or several) and you know exactly what we are taking about. All Test rides are free of any buying obligation. We are ambassadors for electric bikes and want to make sure you don't miss out on possible the best experience you ever had in your life.Electric bikes are so much fun and good for your mental and physical health. You are going to be pedaling your bike with a constant feeling of euphoria. You might think we are exaggerating? Try it out and see …
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We sell Smiles!

Posted by Bike Attack Electric on 16th Nov 2017

Come and test ride one of our electric bicycles for free and you will return with a smile. …

Bike Attack & BULLS E-bikes presents: Summer Mountain eBike Ride & Demo

28th Jun 2016

You're invited to the Bike Attack Electric+ & BULLS eBikes Summer Mountain eBike Ride and Demo meetup! Where? Start at Bike Attack Electric+ Headquarters! 2904 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405 (Corner of Ashland, city parking lot in rear)When? Sunday, July 3, 2016 10:00am to 2:00pmWhy? Ride an electric bike in the mountains! Bike Attack Electric+ and BULLS eBikes are sponsoring this event so you can see how awesome eBikes are and what they're really capable of! Please be prepared to sign a waiver, to wear a helmet and leave a c …
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​Electric Bicycles – And Why They Are The Future

Posted by Bike Attack Electric+ on 24th Oct 2015

​Electric Bicycles – And Why They Are The Future
Electric Bicycles – And Why They Are The Solution To Many ProblemsGreen living, sustainability, environmental safety, clean air, healthy lifestyle, are all things that matter to most people these days.But the question is: do they REALLY matter? Or are they just a short lived fad until another one emerges? And what has cycling to do with all of this?Cycling in general is considered one of the best sports activities for all mankind. It delivers so many benefits that we are not getting tired to repeat them over and over:Riding a bike makes you happy and content, it solves your weight and mo …
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Santa Monica Retailer opens Future Design Electric Bike Store with well known Film Director

Posted by Bike Attack Electric+ on 15th Feb 2015

Press release:Futuristic Design and Technology For Sustainable Living AlternativesBike Attack Electric+ Store frontBike Attack Santa Monica, a popular bike retailer in Santa Monica, opens a new Electric Bike Shop on historic Main Street on Saturday February 21st, close to it’s original location.Bike Attack Electric+ took the space of former’s Optical Shop of Aspen on 2904 Main Street, corner of Ashland. This is the third Bike Attack store in the area.There were rumors for a while that Bike Attack Electric+will be co-owned by a well-known figure from the film industry, but details were still ke …
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