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Blog - Stromer ST2

Bike Attack Electric+ has the new Stromer ST2 for you to test ride. The Future is here!

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US Press release of the Stromer ST2 is on March 21st and we have 2 demo bikes in stock now for you to test ride.

Bike Attack Electric+ is one of the very few stores in the US who gives you the possibility to test ride a Stromer ST2 electric super bike now. Come down any time to get the chance to ride the most anticipated electric bike in the world.

The Stromer ST2 beats any electric bicycle by power, performance, technology and design.

Awarded "Best Electric Bicycle" at International Eurobike convention in Germany. 

Check out why. 

More power.

More torque.

Wide range.

Reduced weight.

Anti theft protection.

Build in error diagnostics.

Touch screen.

Design award.

Come for a test ride!

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