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5 No Nonsense Safety Tips for Cyclists



Bike Safety Tips for Every Rider

Biking is a fun and rewarding hobby that allows you to experience the world in a more personal manner. But like all outdoor activities, there's an inherit risk of injury if certain precautions are not taken. We're going to discuss some essential biking safety tips for every rider.

Wear a Helmet!

Whether they are required by law, you should always wear a helmet when biking. A helmet is your first line of defense against head injury. They can even be life saving. Choose a quality bicycle helmet as if your life depended on it- it might one day! You can ask any Bike Attack bike specialist at any of our locations for a fitting to find the perfect helmet for you.

Make Yourself Visible

If you plan on riding on public streets or roads, wear bright reflective clothing so other motorists can see you more easily. Even in the daylight hours, cyclists may go unseen by motorists if they aren't wearing the appropriate clothing. In addition to a reflective shirt or vest, you can also attach a reflective panel to the rear of your bike,

Check Your Bike Before Riding

Try to get into the habit of checking your bike before riding. You don't have to inspect every component, but rather look at the tires for signs of damage (e.g. puncture), as well as the brakes to ensure they aren't blocked or otherwise damaged. A quick 5-minute inspection could mean the difference between a safe trip and one that leaves you injured.

Watch the Road

It's easy to fall into a rhythm when you ride, allowing your mind to drift. Situational awareness will keep you on alert for potential hazards and dangerous situations. Keep your eyes focused on the road ahead of you, but always know what's going on in your surroundings.

Traffic laws- Not Just for Cars

Bicycle riders are required to follow traffic laws as dictated by their state/city/county. It's very important to know what these rules and laws are, not just for your safety but also for the safety of the people around you.

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