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Stromer Electric Bikes

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Stromer: The Iphone of Electric bikes. Stromer Electric Bikes Santa Monica

A divison of Swiss BMC group, Stromer provides top of the line quality, power, efficiency, design and craftmanship. Modern design, high end technologie, dependable, reliable, fast. Excellent customer service and warranty.

The ST1 is Bike Attack's best seller at reduced prices and Stromer continues to strive for the best by the new ST5.

Design Simplicity. High Tech Technology.

500 Watts motor on all Stromer ebikes. Stromer is Bike Attack's bestselling electric bike line since the beginning. Stromer is also the winner of the prestigious Eurobike award for "Best electric bicycle" and the winner of the design award. The new ST2 is the top of the line ebike on the market. A work of art combined with the highest technology standards: anti theft protection, integrated display, high speed, up to 90 miles battery range, build in error diagnostics and more.



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